Sunday, 28 February 2016

The honeybees

A cacophony of crickets chirrup
Their strident summer sonata
Hidden in heady scented honeysuckle
Neath wooden shuttered windows.
Perfume and percussion permeating
The broiling boudoir,
Where sweat soaked bodies mingle
On scrunched and wrinkled sheets
In languid explorations of the everyday.

Honeybees drone
Sipping ethereal ambrosia
Out flagrant, fragrant buds.
A kamekaze colleague
Flying fruitlessly at fastened shutters
Seeking secret nectar.
A hero in its lilliputian mind.

Inside, diabolic digits delve deep
Twixt florid furtive folds.
Animas coalesced in bliss,
Arching, twisting writhing, and still
Honeybees drone,
Crickets chirrup,
And somnolent shadows slumber.

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