Thursday, 28 November 2013

A walk for my heart

These days
My heart sinks
When I am woken at the crack of dawn
By the perfidious snowplough,
Scraping through the upper layers of my dreams.
But not today.
Today, my heart soared.
The sun was shining full on,
Reflecting off the thin crust of gritty snow
Necessitating sunglasses. 
You know what?
My heart loves walking.
Particularly on a crisp, bright winter's day,
When every outward breath
Streams across the back drop of blindingly blue skies.
Oh and how
My heart sings
As do I, at the top of my voice
Accompanying my ipod.
My hills are alive with alarming a capella.
And so back home,
My heart filled
With happy bubbles, exploding ecstaticly,
Showering my innards with glee
On this beautiful morning.

Written for Verse First

How I switch off my auto pilot,  walking and writing. For reverb13 auto pilot

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tree Gods

It looks pretty, doesn't it?
Pure white snow
Covering the sticky, clumpy clay
The farmer ploughed
Just the other day,
When it was Autumn.
Majestic pines, proud beasts
Of epic fairytales.
Tamed by powdered, whitening dust
Of virgin snow,
Sprinkled willy nilly. Just
Winter's opening gambit.
Standing in all knowing certitude
Of what's to come.
Swathes of foreign, freezing winds,
Blankets of whiteness
Against their woody ankles pinned,
Frozen to their roots.
Majestic pines, heroic warriors
of epic sagas.
Boughs entwined for mutual protection 
From virgin snow.
Sprinkled exposed spears, in reflection
Of winter's opening gambit.
Winter! Yggdrasil cries to heavy skies.
Come do your worst.
We've fought together since your time began
Virgins melt before us.
We are privy to your plan.
You shall not have us !

Your choice. 

For a prompt at dverse.  An idea from my picture calendar, the first day of snow.

Friday, 22 November 2013


The sun shone for the first time
In many days today.
Towering sentinels, tree guardians
Reached skywards to touch
Watery yellow skies
Laden with snow.
Breathe out, live again.

Written for Verse First 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Lifeless blood drained sky
Stark, black, bony fingered trees
Tired drooping soul

For Haiku Heights, Blood prompt

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Blood of my blood

For Haiku Heights

Blood of my blood spurts
Through your lanky youthful frames
Thanks mummy dearest

Monday, 18 November 2013

Alien monsters

Cowering across the river
With fear filled heart
Breath almost eluding me.
The monsters awoke.
Fiercely glowering 
Those sinister clowns
Rose up
On spider thin legs
Stomping, wading towards me.
I ran south
Not looking behind me.
But heard,
Stone splintering, smashing,
Glass grinding underfoot.
Screeched across the skies
Rat tat tatting, bullets flying.
And water
Cut razorlike.
sneaked a look behind.
Creatures downed, drowned.

Linking to "Our World Tuesday" a view of London by an expat Londoner.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The collective

I got as close as I could get,
Staying just outside their reach,
But I could feel their power
Money sucking like a bloody leach.
Resistance is not futile.
I will not obey.
I want to be an individual.
There must be another way
To stand against the collective.
Blurred edges to avoid.
What will happen do you think,
If I shout the word, Android?