Sunday, 9 November 2014

Grant me my day

Grant me my day.
Bestow your omnipotent blessing
On this frailest of frames,
Dipping and diving, 
Defiantly elastic, 
A ferocity of fluidity
In alien aqueousness. 

Grant me my day.
To envelop my kin with love,
Kiss their salt cheeks, 
Gaze into their pellucid pools
All seeing soothsayers,
Channelling their future, 
Broad avenues to their past.

Grant me my dark.
Consent to cushioned comfort,
The consequent closure of my eyes, 
Cessation of terrestrial triviality. 
I plead etherial continuation
In unplumbed precincts.
Grant me new days.

Today reading Salvatore Quasimodo with the real Toads, , I was inspired to think about what I would do with my last day. This was the result.

Have a lovely day folks.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sea View

Boney bum shuffle
Pebble padded sea sprayed pew
A room with a view

A Haiku written to remind me of the hours I have spent sitting on the pebbles on Brighton beach, England.