Friday, 14 June 2013


I will wake up one fine day,
Pack my rucksack and be away.
Perhaps I'll leave a note by the kitchen sink
The family will see it there,  I think.
And now I feel guilty about the other half
I'll be happy if he joins me, it will be a laugh.
Maybe I'll leave him a special note.
He can join me, if it floats his boat.
I'll be by myself for a couple of weeks,
Find a quiet place, enjoy a few treats.
When he is ready, his bags all packed,
His employers informed with the utmost of tact.
Then we shall begin the tour of our years,
Putting behind us our dreary careers.
We've dotted the i's and crossed all the t's.
Educated our kids in the birds and the bees.
Done all the things we're supposed to do,
Now it's time for us, yes,  just us two.
It's our time to remember at last, once more
How to do all the things that we used to adore.
It's been so long since it's been just we,
We will have to experiment with fun and see
Well, just thinking about it has given me cheer
But, there are mails in the inbox and the phone's ringing, oh dear!